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Pearl SRT Abrasives

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The Pearl SRT line of Abrasive Products by Pearl Abrasive Company is the best line of cut-off wheels and grinding wheels on the market today.  What makes the Pearl SRT special? 

Well first, this line is made from their proprietary blend of abrasive grains and bonding material.  This abrasive grain known as Synthetic Resinoid Technology or SRT for short allows this line of wheels to cut faster and much longer than other abrasives out on the market.  This SRT abrasive grain is contaminate free, meaning that there is less than 0.1% of Iron, Sulfur or Chlorine elements in the abrasive material. These contaminates are what often times leaves marks or discoloration after grinding/cutting.  The binding agents in the SRT blend give this line of products its distinctive orange color while also providing more strength and and durability to the wheels. In addition to strength and durability, the binding agents also soften the vibration while in use leaving the operator with less fatigue and more efficiency. 

Pearl's SRT grains are some of the hardest and sharpest abrasive grains on the market.  This allows these products to penetrate and cut even the hardest materials including Stainless Steel and other High Tensile Alloys. The Synthetic Resinoid Technology is also better at dispersing heat while in use.  This heat build up is often what causes discoloration of materials being cut.  The sharp grains and heat dispersion leaves you with a superior quality finish throughout the life of the wheel. 

Pearl's SRT line of abrasive products are the longest lasting and fastest cutting wheels in the industry right now. The longevity of this line allows operators to work longer before needing to change wheels; this results in a reduced down time and a lower cost per cut.

  • Available in regular and flexible grinding wheels as well as large diameter and hi-speed thin cut-off wheels. 
  • Proprietary engineered grain.
  • Contaminate free (Fe+S+Cl < 0.1%)
  • Self Sharpening: As abrasive grains fracture they expose new cutting surfaces. 
  • Superior Quality Finish from beginning to end. 
  • Applications: Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals including Stainless and other High Tensile Alloys. 

For anymore information on the SRT line or any other Pearl Abrasive Co. products please give us a call at (888)857-0165

or check us out on the web at www.pantherindustrial.com