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Goodyear EP to change name to Continental ContiTech

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On January 30, 2015  Veyance Technologies, Inc.,  the company that owns Goodyear Engineered Products (Goodyear air and water hoses)  was acquired by famous tire and rubber manufacturer Continental AG.  Continental's ContiTech brand will be absorbing the Goodyear Engineered products line and will be combining the expertise in plastic and rubber technologies of these two great companies. 

Now what does this mean to the customer?  While the Goodyear name will be on its way out, the same great quality product that you have come to love will still be here.  ContiTech hoses, like Goodyear are still U.S.A. Made. The ContiTech hoses are still made from the same high quality rubber or pliovic tubing. 

Over the next couple of months as Continental phases out Goodyear's Industrial Air & Water Hoses, your hose orders may be branded as Goodyear or Continental until all the remaining stock is sold.  Eventually only Continental hoses will be available.

If you are looking for a little more information on the merger check out More Is Here: 


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