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If you’re looking for heavy-duty industrial lubricants, the Black Label Series by Sprayway stands head and shoulders above the competition. The Sprayway Degreaser is designed for powerful degreasing action on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The Degreaser’s jet action delivery system provides a powerful spray of highly concentrated citrus formula; easily blasting away grease, oil, stains, and soil.

To clean and protect valuable industrial equipment, professional outfits choose Sprayway penetrating oil. A built-in rust inhibitor protects vulnerable surfaces, and its moisture displacer loosens nuts and bolts where corrosion and rust have already collected. Save on production, maintenance, and repair time by cleaning and protecting your equipment with this superior penetrating oil. Sprayway offers their penetrating oil and degreaser products at affordable prices, and we’re confident that if you compare the Black Label Series to your current brand, you’ll never go back. Get the best industrial lubricants from Sprayway’s Black Label Series today at PantherIndustrial.com.

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