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Protect your property from extreme weather conditions with industrial tarps. We offer affordable tarp options in a variety of sizes for construction, industrial and home use, landscaping, and temporary water protection. Standard blue tarp ranges in size from 6’ x 8’ tarps to 40’ x 60’ tarps. With 76 grams per square meter, 8 x 8 mesh, and non-rust aluminum grommets on each corner and every 36 inches along the edges of the tarp, you can be sure the tarp will stand up to serious weather. Both sides of our blue tarp are UV treated and our tarps are water, tear, and mildew resistant.

Our heavy duty silver tarps are made with 3 layers of material, 165 grams per square meter, 14 x 14 mesh, and include aluminum anti-rust grommets every 18 inches. Sturdier construction means our silver tarps can take even more punishment than standard tarp. If you do not see tarp in the size you want, e-mail us or call at 888-857-0165.We are likely to have the tarp or be able to get it to you quickly. Whatever you need to protect, our tarps will bear the worst of the storm. Get your heavy duty tarps from PantherIndustrial.com today.