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MK Diamond Core Bits

For general core drilling, MK Diamond core bits are an excellent choice with a wide range of drilling applications. MK Diamond core bits are industrial grade and are ideal for drilling through concrete, asphalt, block, and brick. Our heavy duty core bits provide excellent footage and the best cutting speed, even through steel reinforced concrete and block. Our standard, premium, supreme, masonry and turbo core bit options provide you with the strength and versatility you need to complete your drilling jobs.

MK Diamond has color coded their core bit line to make task recognition easy. Yellow standard core bits are designed for wet drilling. Orange premium core bits are built for wet drilling applications that involve light to moderate steel reinforcement. Diamond Supreme Black is your best choice for fast, aggressive drilling through concrete and asphalt. Explore our other premium, masonry, and turbo options to find the core bits for your drilling operation.

We distribute all MK Diamond core bits including MK-Black Supreme Core Bits, MK-Black Turbo Supreme Core Bits, MK-Blue Turbo Professional Core Bits, MK-Crown Premium Core Bits, MK-Dry Premium Masonry Core Bits, MK-Dry Standard Masonry Core Bits, MK-Orange Premium Core Bits, MK-Yellow Standard Core Bits