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Tuck Point & Crack Repair Blades

Mercer Tool Corp has great diamond blades for Crack and Mortar Repair.  Their Segmented Crack Repair Blade also known as a "Crack Chaser," is used to follow cracks in concrete and other masonry applications.  The blade leaves a V-Shape in the material clearing out loose debris and providing a great surface area for the operator to apply the repair material. 

Tuck Point Blades are designed to clear motar joints from brick work or to do grout repair.  Tuck Point Blades look similar to crack repair blades but vary slightly.  Unlike the Crack Chasers V-Shaped blade design, the Tuck Point Blades feature a flat blade tip that effectively clears the mortar from between brick or stone.  If you need to repair aging mortar joints or cracks, these premium Mercer Blue Lightning blades are the perfect choice for you. Try these blades today!